Most of us had no idea what Sigma was about when we joined - so we all had a LOT of questions! Here are some answers to the most common ones:

My friend really wants me to join Sigma. What does that even mean, and am I the right fit for a sorority?
Many of our current members, when they came to Pratt, had little inclination to become a part of a Greek organization. Our personalities are as diverse as our interests, and there’s no typical girl that fits our group. So why would you make the perfect addition to our sorority? We’re looking for unique, talented women that stand out on campus as leaders and artists. More than that, we look for all the qualities we would look for in a true friend - someone smart, trustworthy, and a lot of fun!
What does a sorority do?
Throw sisterhood parties and trips around the city
Cook family dinners and brunches
Network and attend events with NYC alumni
Provide a support system for more successful academic and studio work
Participate actively in Inter-Greek Council and National Panhellenic Council
Socialize with the other 3 Greek organizations on campus
Work at on-campus events and collaborate with other clubs
Volunteer in the Brooklyn community, and hold fundraisers for our philanthropies
Educate each other and the campus on issues that matter to us
Throw recruitment parties and events to meet other women on campus
Bond with new members and educate them on our organization
Why would being in a sorority in college help me in the future?"
Sigma Sigma Sigma is a great way to gain training, leadership experience and connections to make you a more successful professional after college. The skills that you learn from a sorority directly translate to the business world, and will make it easy to access any of our NYC or national network of alumnae.

Our Pratt alumnae have landed creative careers and internships at such companies as: NBC Universal, MTV Networks, Versace, Burberry, Yves Saint Laurent, Penguin Group, HarperCollins, Random House, Fortune Magazine, Sports Illustrated, West Elm, Seventeen Magazine, Revlon, Estee Lauder, Reader’s Digest, Juicy Couture, Coach, Anna Sui, Catherine Malandrino, Alice + Olivia, Gensler Architects, Berzak Associates Architects, Charged Animation Studios, Augenblick Studios, Brooklyn Academy of Music, JPB Financial, mcgarrybowen, Berlin Cameron, New York Law School, Columbia Business School, Kargo, Plum Agency, Birchbox, FAB/Starpoint, Ecosystems Brand, Lomography, and many more!
I might be interested in joining, but I’m still not sure. Can I check it out without committing?
Of course! At the beginning of each semester we hold an Info Night to offer some more information about Greek Life at Pratt and so you can ask any lingering questions you have. After that each sorority offers events for a few weeks so you can get to know us before making the commitment. Check out our events page for our schedule!
Will I be hazed?
Definitely NOT! All of the Greek organizations at Pratt, as well as ALL of the National sororities, have a zero-tolerance hazing policy, that all of the members of Tri-Sigma fully support. Your new member program will be an exciting bonding experience where you should never feel uncomfortable. You won’t be doing anything that isn’t fun - or that the current members won’t be doing right along with you!
Why does it cost money to be a member? Isn’t that “paying for your friends"?
Like many other clubs and organizations, we have national and local dues that pay for the activities and benefits you’ll receive. Our members control our local budget, so we agree on dues that we think are reasonable – and they are the lowest we’ve ever heard. If you have questions or concerns about the financial commitment, our Treasurer is available to help with payment plans and other options. We don’t want ever want finances to be a barrier to the rewards of membership in Tri-Sigma!
What kind of a time commitment is Tri-Sigma? Shouldn’t I be focusing on my studies?
Sigma Sigma Sigma is a perfect way to get out of the studio, but it also strengthens your academic and artistic performance. Our women provide a support system for members by connecting you to upperclassmen in your major, studying and creating art together, and educating each other on better time management and study skills. Our goals for outstanding scholarship have resulted in the highest GPA of the Greek system, and we perform much higher than the campus average!
Do I have to join right away?
Although we have a specified period of time that Pratt allows to hold recruitment events, we are always looking to add new women to our sorority. Our sisters have had just as valuable experiences, even when joining as an upperclassman or alumna. If you think you are interested in Sigma Sigma Sigma but missed the deadline or cannot commit at this time (for financial, scholarship or other scheduling reasons, for instance), please let us know. We will be more than happy to keep you in the loop until whenever you are ready!
Okay, I’m sold! Now what do I do?
All it takes to begin the process of becoming a new member is to come to one of our events and express interest in our organization. Make sure that you have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA and are financially ready for the new member fee. If chosen to become a member, you will receive a bid, which will invite you to attend your first event around 48 hours later.