The begining of Greek Life at Pratt

In October of 1999, two graduate assistants (and sorority alumnae) in the Office of Student Activities put out a flyer calling for interested women to come to an info session about starting a sorority at Pratt, where previously only fraternities had history. By the end of December, 9 women formed a core team of members, and SIG (the “Sorority Interest Group”) was formed. The primary goal of SIG was to become a chapter of a national sorority. In the spring of 2000, letters were sent out to Panhellenic sororities. But SIG, now at 12 members, was still too small for a national sorority to be interested in expansion. The members decided to move on and continue on their journey by forming a local sorority, with the goal of eventually obtaining National status still in mind. From there, on May 5th 2000, the Sorority Interest Group officially became the Sisters and Founding Mothers of Alpha Sigma Rho Sorority. Alpha stood for first – the first sorority at Pratt to be started by women who previously did not know each other. Sigma stood for Sisterhood and their former name, SIG. Rho stood for growth, as the sisters believed that the sorority would flourish in many ways – and sure enough, it did! The sisters of Alpha Sigma Rho began to grow, with the creation of a new member program, new traditions and events, and success in becoming the female members of Pratt’s (then all-fraternity) Inter-Greek Council. In the Spring semester of 2002, the group experienced another temporary set-back: they were informed that the name Alpha Sigma Rho was already in use, and they would need to change names. Rising to the challenge, the group maintained a stronger-than-ever identity, but adopted a new name in 2002: Delta Alpha Pi. The letters stand for the Greek words for Strength, Diversity and Sisterhood – our three basic tenets. With those in mind, Delta Alpha Pi welcomed several new classes of members, and quickly became known on campus as a group of strong, independent women, who were smart, unique and full of life – dedicated to each other, serving the community, and always defying the stereotype of what it means to be in a sorority.

Becoming Sigma Sigma Sigma

In the fall of 2006, Delta Alpha Pi, with the aid of the Inter-Greek Council, now felt that they were ready to send out letters to the National sororities, asking to become a chapter. This time, they were successful, and the local sorority had several sororities to choose from. The members felt that it was important to have strong National support, compatible values, and the freedom to be the nontraditional local chapter that we are. The answer was clear: Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority was the right fit. In the fall of 2007, several leadership consultants from Sigma Sigma Sigma arrived at Pratt to guide the chapter through the colony process. Learning new history and traditions, changing to different ways of working within a larger structure, and setting up an Installation weekend wasn’t easy. But the tenacity and strong leadership of the Pratt women prevailed, and the chapter became a well-known voice within Tri-Sigma. In return, the local women gained a wealth of knowledge about growing a sorority that will last for generations, and were welcomed into a network of wonderful women across the country. On November 15, 2008, the 30 colony women officially were initiated as charter members of the Eta Phi chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma. It was a culmination of the efforts of our long history at Pratt, and was celebrated by National officers (including then-National president Laura Sweet!), undergraduates from another local chapter, the Greek community, and all our family and friends. Our Installation as Tri-Sigmas was a incredibly meaningful milestone that set the Pratt sorority on a path to thrive for generations to come. Now, many of our local founding mothers are members of Tri-Sigma, as they always wished to be, and the journey continues. Our current chapter at Pratt is still a unique, independent group of artists, but with the values and long national history of Sigma Sigma Sigma. Members enjoy a busy calendar of events, a strong support system of National and Local alumnae and, most of all – lifelong bonds of love and sisterhood. Want to be a part of the next chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma’s history at Pratt? Learn more by coming to one of our events and saying hello to one of us